Steering Cables

SeaStar Solutions steering cables exceed ABYC safety standards and ISO/IMCI/NMMA certification requirements and have a tightly controlled core to conduit fit to offer precise steering. The outer jacket is constructed with HDPE a high density polyethylene material that is abrasion resistant and provides a high resistance to water penetration. All cables feature output ends constructed of stainless steel material.

Standard Universal Quick Connect rotary cable SSC131XX:

  • Fits SH5094P, SH5180P, SH5294P, SH91190P, SH91526P, SH91527P, SH91523P, and SH91524P.
  • These cable will replace your Teleflex SSC92 or older Morse D345 cable.
  • Same as Uflex M66.
  • Can be used with Uflex T71FC, T72FC, T73NR FC, T83NR FC and T85.

Light Duty Steering Cable SSC62XX:

  • For using with SH8050 Light Duty Steering System
  • Same as Uflex M58.
  • Can be used with Uflex T67 and P34.


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20 Ft (6,096 m) Back Mount Rack Steering Cable

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